10D Premade Fans


Premade 10D Fans in premium quality – knot-free and with very small glue point.

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10D Premade Fans.

• 120 fans per tray – knot-free and with minimal glue point
• C & D-Curl – lengths from 6 to 15mm and 8 – 14mm mix trays

• several thicknesses – volume technique without special training
• premium salon quality – easy to remove from glue strip

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Why Premade Fans?

Premade Fans are already pre-fanned and have e.g. 5 lashes per fan = 5D. This saves you a lot of time and you can offer your customers the volume technique even if you have not yet done any volume training. You will save a lot of time and especially for lash artists time is money!

2D - 3D or 5D?

2D – 2 lashes per fan
3D – 3 lashes per fan
5D – 5 lashes per fan

and so on

C or D-Curl?

B-Curl – faint, natural curl
C-Curl – normal, slightly stronger curl
CC-Curl – stronger than C, less strong than D

D-Curl – strong, glamorous curl
DD-Curl – stronger than D, less strong than U

U-Curl – extreme curl
M-Curl – very steep curl

LC-Curl – for hooded eyes and spectacle wearers
LD-Curl – for hooded eyes and spectacle wearers

  1. Gina

    Je les adore une pose simple qui donne un effet volume quoi demander de plus! Je recommande!

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  2. Karolina

    These work so well! Did a hybrid set with them and they turned out so beautiful and stayed for a good 4weeks!

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  3. Paddy

    I love these fans! My clients like full and natural look and this exactly what it gives off. Use these lashes all the time! Must use a volume tweezer and grab at the base of lashes will fall apart!

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