Glossy LC- & LD-Curl Flat Lashes


16 rows of super soft Glossy Ellipse Flat Lashes – hollow inside for up to 40% less weight on natural lashes – for spectacle wearers and hooded eyes.

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Glossy LC- & LD-Curl Flat Lashes.

• 16 rows of Glossy LC- & LD-Curl Flat Lashes – approx. 4000 lashes per tray
• 2 thicknesses – lengths from 6 to 16mm and 8 – 15mm mix trays

• hollow flat lashes – up to 40% weight reduction
• LC- & LD-Curl for hooded eyes and spectacle wearers

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Flat Lashes

Flat Lashes: eyelashes that are hollow inside. Therefore they are much lighter than classic lashes, but just as striking. You can create bolder looks with Flat Lashes with less weight and more flexibility.

Glossy – glossy and shiny
Matte – not glossy

Flat Lashes with Split Tip

Flat Lashes with Split Tip have a slightly split tip at the end – so one eyelash has two ends each, creating an unobtrusive volume effect.

0.05mm or 0.07mm?

– thicker, more prominent lashes
– suitable for the classic 1:1 technique

Classic 1:1 technique means: you glue one extension to one natural lash..

C or D-Curl?

B-Curl – faint, natural curl
C-Curl – normal, slightly stronger curl
CC-Curl – stronger than C, less strong than D

D-Curl – strong, glamorous curl
DD-Curl – stronger than D, less strong than U

U-Curl – extreme curl – rounds the eye
M-Curl – very steep curl – opens the eye

LC-Curl – for hooded eyes and spectacle wearers
LD-Curl – for hooded eyes and spectacle wearers

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