Glue Remover


Professional Glue Remover in gel texture for quick and effective removal of artificial eyelashes. Made in EU.

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Glue Remover.

• 10g Glue Remover – made in EU
• gentle removal of artificial eyelashes

• suitable for strong and stubborn glues
• apply carefully to closed eye

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Lash Care Specials.

Speed Dry.

Our Speed Dry is applied after the application of the eyelash extension. It ensures that the adhesive dries immediately – the 48 hours drying time is omitted, the lashes may have immediate contact with water. The result: an enormous gain in durability.

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4mL Lash Shampoo.

Our eyelash shampoo ‘ultra clean’ in the practical 4mL size is available in favourable graduated prices and is Therefore perfectly suitable as a give-away or for sale to clients in your salon. Try it out now!

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The Glue Remover is applied to the glued areas of the lashes with the help of a Micro Brush on the closed eye. Important: Apply Glue Remover to clients only when seated so that the gel does not get into the eye. Leave the Glue Remover to work for approx. 5 minutes and then carefully brush out the detached lashes. If necessary, repeat the process. Before use, make sure to read all safety instructions on the packaging.



The complete care steps

1. Lash Shampoo
2. Cleanser
3. Primer
4. (Lash Application)
5. Speed Dry
6. Special Sealer
7. Lash Shampoo @home

Lash Shampoo

With an eyelash shampoo you perform a thorough cleaning of your clients’ eyelashes. This is how you remove make-up residue, sebum, skin flakes, pollen or dust.


With a Cleanser you perform a repeated, intensive cleansing of the lashes, so that even stubborn impurities are removed from the lashes. This ensures that you get maximum durability for your lash extensions.


You use the primer afterwards to the Cleanser to degrease the lashes additionally. By removing the grease, you guarantee an optimal connection of artificial lashes and glue.

Speed Dry

Apply Speed Dry generously to the glued areas after the eyelash extension. This eliminates the 48 hours waiting time after the treatment – the adhesive areas are completely dry and water cannot harm the lashes anymore.

Special Sealer

The special sealer seals the glued areas again and ensures that they do not become brittle. The special thing: It can also be used by your clients at home on their own.

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