Lifting Pads Classic


High-quality silicone pads for professional lash lifts. The eyelashes are fixed on a silicone pad to lift them. 1 set contains 3 pairs – one of each size – 1x S, 1x M, 1x L.

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Lifting Pads Classic.

• fixing of the lashes during a lash lift
• 3 pairs – 1x S, 1x M, 1x L

• classical form
• soft & skin-friendly silicone

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Overview of Lash Lifting.

Lash Lifting Glue.

With our Lash Lifting Glue you can attach the silicone lifting pad to the skin at the edge of the eyelid. You also use it to fix the natural lashes on the silicone pad before the lifting lotion is applied.

15,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

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Lifting Lotion - Step 1.

Our Lifting Lotion – Step 1 is applied from the base to about the middle of the natural lashes, after the lashes have been attached to the silicone pad with our Lifting Glue.

20,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

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Fixing Lotion - Step 2.

This lotion is used after Lifting Lotion – Step 1 has been sufficiently applicated and then removed. Our Fixing Lotion gives the natural lashes their new, breathtaking curl.

20,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

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Vitamin Color Boost+

With Vitamin Color Boost+ you tint and treat the eyelashes of your customers with important vitamins at the same time. Used directly after the lash lift.. Thus the lifting effect is intensified even more!

19,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

HQ Lash Botocx.

Most important! Our high quality HQ Lash Botocx Gold contains all kinds of important ingredients that provide lasting care for the natural lashes of your customers. Gold, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and panthenol were combined to a revitalizing treatment for the previously stressed eyelashes.

19,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

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Collagen & Keratin Lamination.

The name says it all: As the final care step you apply our lamination, which uses keratin, collagen, beatin and silk proteins to permanently coat the lashes of your customers and treat them with lasting nutrients.

Therefore the lashes are still in perfect shape weeks after the lift!

19,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

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Lift Tool.

Your optimal assistant for every lash lift. With our Lift Tool you can precisely, gently and quickly pull the natural lashes onto the silicone pad and make corrections easily. An absolute must have!

14,99 € incl. VAT, plus shipping

For how many applications?

The product is sufficient for up to 25 applications. The exact amount used per treatment will always vary slightly depending on how you work.

Vegan or cruelty-free?

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All our liquids and lifting lotions have not been tested on animals and therefore are cruelty free. This product is also vegan.

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