Matte Mink HD Cashmere Lashes


16 rows of super soft Matte Mink HD Cashmere Lashes for experienced volume artists who prefer wild HD looks.

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Matte Mink HD Cashmere Lashes.

• 16 rows of Matte Mink HD Cashmere Lashes – approx. 4000 lashes per tray
• C & D-Curl – lengths in 9/10/11mm and 12/13/14mm

• 3 lengths per row – HD Lashes for volume technique – fanning by hand
• premium salon quality – easy to remove from glue strip

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Wonder Fan Lashes

Wonder Fan Lashes: Volume lashes that are pre-treated at the base. After these lashes are picked up with a tweezer, they immediately make a fan – almost as if by magic. Perfect for beginners at volume technique and great alternative to premade Fans.

HD Lashes

HD Lashes: Three lengths per row (e.g. 9, 10 and 11mm) are always mixed on the adhesive strip instead of normally one length on the adhesive strip. This way you can create wilder, more striking volume lashes.

0.05mm or 0.07mm?

– 3D to 20D for experienced volume lash artists
– very fine lashes, perfect for volume sets – full & dramatic look

Only for volume lash artists who are comfortable creating fans by themselves.

0.10mm – volume technique up to 3D
0.15mm – volume technique up to 2D or 1:1
0.18mm – volume technique up to 2D or 1:1

0.20mm – classic 1:1 technique
0.25mm – classic 1:1 technique

0.15mm or 0.25mm
– thicker, more noticeable lashes
– suitable for the classic 1:1 technique and natural looks

Classic 1:1 technique means: you glue one extension to one natural lash.

C or D-Curl?

B-Curl – faint, natural curl
C-Curl – normal, slightly stronger curl
CC-Curl – stronger than C, less strong than D

D-Curl – strong, glamorous curl
DD-Curl – stronger than D, less strong than U

U-Curl – extreme curl – rounds the eye
M-Curl – very steep curl – opens the eye

LC-Curl – for hooded eyes and spectacle wearers
LD-Curl – for hooded eyes and spectacle wearers

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