Starter-Set Professional


Starter Set Professional for the professional entry into the world of eyelash extensions – payable by invoice and instalment purchase.

delivery time: 3 - 5 days*

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Starter-Set Professional.

• 1x Mink Lashes 0.15mm 8-15mm Mix-Tray
• 1x Silk Lashes 0.20mm 8-15mm Mix-Tray

• 1x 2D Pre Made Fans 0.15mm Mix-Tray
• 1x 3D Pre Made Fans 0.10mm Mix-Tray
• 1x 5D Pre Made Fans 0.07mm Mix-Tray

• 10x Gel Eye Pads
• 20x Microbrushes size S
• 10x Eyelash Brushes in pink

• 1x Eyelash Glue Perform V2
• 1x Lash & Make-Up Bag – FREE GOODIE

• 1x Volume Tweezers Cannes silver
• 1x Allrounder Tweezers Marseille silver

• 1x Crystal Glass Lash Palette
• 1x Crystal Glass Glue Holder

• 1x Aura Monaco Air Blower
• 1x 3M Micropore Tape
• 1x Aura Monaco Primer

• 1x Lash Mirror
• 1x Glue Remover
• 1x ‘ultra clean’ Lash Shampoo

Shipping within 24 hours*

Free shipping from 199€*

Pay in 3 instalments or 30 days later

Mink or Silk?

Mink – vegan matte Lashes

Silk – vegan silky Lashes

0,05mm or 0,07mm?

– for 3D to 20D volume technology
– very fine lashes, perfect for volume

You must master the volume technique and create the fans yourself by hand.

0,10mm – Volume technique up to 3D
0,15mm – Volume technique up to 2D or 1:1
0,18mm – Volume technique up to 2D or 1:1

0,20mm – 1:1 technique
0,25mm – 1:1 technique

0,15mm or 0,25mm
– thicker, more noticeable lashes
– suitable for the 1:1 technique

1:1 technique means: You glue one artificial eyelash per natural eyelash.

C or D-Curl?

B-Curl – faint, natural curl
C-Curl – normal, slightly stronger curl
CC-Curl – stronger than C, less strong than D

D-Curl – strong, glamorous curl
DD-Curl – stronger than D, less strong than U

U-Curl – extreme curl
M-Curl – very steep curl

LC-Curl – for wearers of glasses and hooded eyes
LD-Curl – for wearers of glasses and hooded eyes

Pre Made Fans

2D – 2 lashes per fan
3D3D – 3 lashes per fan
5D5D – 5 lashes per fan

and so on

Why Pre Made Fans?

Pre Made Fans are already pre-fanned and have e.g. 5 lashes per fan. This saves you a lot of time and you can offer your customers the volume technique even if you have not yet done volume training.

Wonder Fan Lashes

Wonder Fan Lashes: Volume lashes that are pre-treated at the base. They can therefore be fanned almost as if by magic.

HD Lashes

HD Lashes: eyelashes where there are always three lengths per row mixed on the adhesive strip(e.g. 9, 10 and 11mm) instead of the usual one length per strip. This way you can create wilder, more striking volume lashes.

Flat Lashes

Flat Lashes: eyelashes that are hollow on the inside. They are much lighter than classic lashes, but just as striking.

Glossy – shiny
Matte – not glossy

Flat Lashes Split-UpFlat lashes Split-Up have a slightly split tip at the end – so one eyelash has two ends each, creating an unobtrusive volume effect.

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